Friday, November 12, 2010

My Self-Portraits

My post on my beginning as a painting prodded me to inspect myself deeper.  One of the convenient way to do so for me is inspecting self-portraits I did in the past.  Those paintings including portrait-studies, and other genre of works I conveniently stepped in as the model.

Many artists painted self-portrait - one of the most familiar objects to most artists, and the model is most readily available and can be requested with any order, without much ado, therefore the attraction, plus the sense of self-discovery and a little vanity.  Therefore, in the following paintings, technically speaking, though I "modeled" for all of them, only a handful are really me, while in the rest, I was only a vessel.

Painting list:
- A Moment with Oneself
- Three Figures
- Drifting
- Beach · Elements
- Dissonance
- Self-Portrait, Black and White
- Interaction
- Dancing (or Wer tanzt?)
- Sheltering
- Vegetable Garden
- Orange
- Irises

>> Video presentations of paintings and drawings, Part X: Paintings of Interiors
<< Video presentations of paintings and drawings, Part VIII: "The Triumph of Saint George" 

List of Video Presentation of My Artworks

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