Friday, December 3, 2010

Monochromatic Drama

Dramas, by nature, are often full of contrasting or complimentary colors.  As an avid theater lover, I, however, do not consider myself as colorist painter.  This is not to say that I don't appreciate colorful offerings by other artists.   It is simply that I neither use color as primary tool to convey, nor I pursue wonderful combination of colors as the end goals.  Sometimes, I found ways to express myself satisfactorily with very few colors, sometimes even monochromatic colors, as in the traditional Chinese water ink paintings.  That similarity actually surprised me sometimes since I had practically no training in traditional Chinese paintings.  I suppose that subconsciously I must have absorbed much.

Recently, I revisited such efforts of mine and chose the most representative works in this group and assembled them onto a video below:

Painting list:

- Woodcutter
- Snowy Mountain, I
- Dark Trees
- Birches
- Explosion
- Liberation Road
- Companion
- Sisyphus
- White Fish
- One Fine Day
- Sea Storm
- Dirge
- Swamp
- Kampf
- Funnel
- Homeland Impression, I
- Rape Fields
- Purple Dream
- Red Sail

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