Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Exception - Another Favorite Work from De Young Museum, San Francisco

Despite the rule I made that I would only cite two pieces from each museum I've visited, I decided to cite a third from the De Young Museum, San Francisco.

The reason for this exception is that I just lost a dear friend, and it was only recently we visited that museum together. I am left with an indelible image of my friend in front of the piece I want to cite today. I will forever cherish the memory of her, from many times and places, including in front of that installation.

Hovor II, 2004, El Anatsui (b 1944) - De Young Museum, San Francisco _ 9371
Installation: Hovor II, 2004, El Anatsui (b 1944), Woven aluminum bottle caps, copper wire, De Young Museum, San Francisco

This piece calls forth a certain social awareness, which mirrors my friend's lifelong dedication to the well-being of humanity and to social justice. My friend was like a solid oak tree, spreading her branches to reach out as far as she could, in her own saintly yet humble way, as committed as an oak’s deep roots. Those bottle caps in El Anatsui’s Hovor II are like green leaves of the wonderful oak tree, rustling, dancing and falling, making me sad and making me smile.

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  1. lovely imagery. an inspiring analogy, the oak. Next time i visit SF, i will make sure to see the installation, as well. V

  2. Thank you for your comment, Golakova.

    Steve Masover wrote a moving eulogy for our friend Susan and Bob, which said it all I had for them, and much more:

    A eulogy for Susan and Bob