Saturday, April 19, 2014

Recent Installation and Gouache Paintings

Recently, I make another installation - an origami white dress, trussed up by strings leading to different directions, and nailed to the back of a frame.

It was a found frame, with the original artwork removed, though I kept the battered backing material, which was flaked and a bit tainted in a very interesting way, as an evocative backdrop.  The pose of the dress was simple and serene, yet the splash of red ink all over the dress and on the backdrop, hinted at some dark undertone:

Constraints / 約束 / Einschränkungen
Paper, Gouache, and Threads on Paper, with Wooden Frames  
21.25" x 17.25" x 2"

The recent gouache paintings I made in last several weeks include some still life, landscape, figurative and some semi-abstract paintings:

White Rose Iceberg
White Rose                                      Iceberg

Dressing Sketch of a Young Man
Dressing                                         Sketch of a young man


À la russe, I
À la russe, I

À la russe, II
À la russe, II

The last two pieces were inspired by Vladimir Putin's Russia.

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