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My Favorite Altar Pieces at Mariahilferkirche, Graz

DSCN8692 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October DSCN8705 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October

DSCN8704 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October

DSCN8710 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October

There are many interesting churches in Graz and one of them I visited in 2012, Mariahilferkirche and cloister, impressed me very much with its startling altar pieces.

DSCN8693 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October

The most striking one was an altar of Pietà, whose particularity was that there was a sword piercing into Maria's breast.  It was a very disturbing and moving image and hard to forget.

DSCN8700 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October

I happened to have seen quite a few similar images during that trip; in the very same church, on the side wall, I also saw this standing alone Maria pierced by a sword.  In other church, I even saw a Maria pierced by seven swords!

DSCN8701 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October

The second favorite altar in Mariahilferkirche featured a dead scene of a saint, perhaps, Maria. 

DSCN8696 _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October

The strong contrast between the splendidly colorful angel and the bleached dying Maria were very striking, and their postures echoed each other, and formed a broad and comforting embrace.  Very moving.

DSCN8696m _ Mariahilferkirche, Graz, 8 October (detail)

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