Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Raphael!

Great Italian Renaissance painter Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio) was born on April 6 (Good Friday), 1483, Urbino, Italy and died on April 6 (Good Friday), 1520, Rome, Italy. Raphael, along with Leonardo and Michelangelo, is considered one of the three Great Names of the High Renaissance in Italy. His work is characterized by perfect use of color, balance of composition, and sweetness in the subjects of his paintings. His early death brought about what came to be acknowledged as the end of the Italian Renaissance.

I have seen his amazing works in several important museums, with the most memorables in the Vatican's museum, including the The School of Athens.

His other important works include:
  • Madonna of the Meadows, 1505
  • The School of Athens, 1511
  • The Sistine Madonna, 1513-14
  • Galatea, ca. 1513
  • Pope Leo X with Cardinals, ca. 1517
Below are a sample of his best works:

Raphael - The Sistine Madonna
The Sistine Madonna

Rahael - School of Athens
School of Athens

Raphael - Bindo Altoviti
Bindo Altoviti

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