Monday, April 12, 2010

San Francisco Artist William Salit

Yesterday I mentioned SF Art News profile article on my blog. The feature article on SF Art News currently is about artist William Salit. The images of artworks by Salit are very impressive. I really enjoyed the understated and subtle atmospheres he created with seemingly simple yet very sophisticated colors and lines.

On his own website, Salit states:
"Firmly rooted in drawing, my work explores the empathic synapse and invisible tethers between artist and subject. Working primarily from the figure and face, I use line to carve form on paper. Sometimes a mark seems to instantly describe a form in a specific moment: the slope of a nose, the tuck of a chin. More often, the image betrays evidence of the hand dancing crazily around the page waiting to find its groove. In the end, when I’m lucky, these marks and loops and tints have caught a subject in that small, still gap between past and future, in some intersection of their being and mine."
Salit was raised in Upstate New York, and received his BFA in drawing and printmaking from Binghamton University. Currently living in San Francisco, he works as graphic designer and maintains a painting studio at the Arc Studios & Gallery.

Below are two samples of his amazing works:

bb/vb No. 1 detail
bb/vb No. 1 detail - Mixed Media on Paper

Starlings of Fort Mason No. 10
Starlings of Fort Mason No. 10 - Monotypes

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