Monday, November 7, 2011

Arcata, California - Oregon Trip, Part 10

After Ashland, we took the coastal road back to Berkeley, with a stop at Arcata, Californa for rest and meeting friend.  I had never been to Arcata and was told that it was a big hippie town; however, these advance warning did not prepare me for what I had experienced.

We arrived at the town square - Arcata Plaza, of whose edge my hotel situated, and started to unload our luggage.  As soon as we approached the entrance to our hotel - Hotel Acata - a whiff of strong marijuana smothered me.  Blessedly, it was not so bad inside the hotel. 

Arcata, California _ 7139

Arcata, California _ 7130

Arcata, California _ 7190

The town was quaint and full of characters and quite young.  I also liked the nice bookstore they had.

Arcata, California _ 7127

Arcata, California _ 7129

Arcata, California _ 7133

Arcata, California _ 7381

While waiting for friend at the hotel lobby, I saw a huge crowd cycling through the street and congregated in the center of the plaza, ended with a loud cheer when they all held their bicycles up high.

Arcata, California _ 7143

Arcata, California _ 7160

However, the enthusiasm of the youth went to far at night when our hotel became a party camp - loud music and smoke permeated the building in the middle of night.  It was not until the early morning that the sound died down and I was able to sleep a bit.  Naturally, I feeling towards Arcata turned sour.  But that was short-lived.

We had a nice breakfast at the plaza cafe and then saw a lovely farmer's market and the offerings were very lovely.

Arcata, California _ 7220

Arcata, California _ 7374

Incidentally, that Saturday morning (1 October 2011) was the day that the plaza floor was divided and merchants sponsor a drawing contest.  People started in the early morning and it would be done by noon.  All kinds people participated this event and that totally redeemed Arcata.

Arcata, California _ 7301

Arcata, California _ 7256

Arcata, California _ 7291

Arcata, California _ 7315

Arcata, California _ 7228

Arcata, California _ 7306

Arcata, California _ 7297

Arcata, California _ 7357

Children were not merely onlookers.  They were given space to express their own creativity as well:

Arcata, California _ 7210

Arcata, California _ 7361

We left before noon and on our way out, we saw a huge mural on the back of one of the buildings surrounding the plaza.  That was a nice goodbye to Arcata.

Arcata, California _ 7370

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