Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Favorite Painting & Sculptures in Il Redentore, Venezia

DSCN0471 _ Redentore, Venezia, 11 October

Il Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore (Church of the Most Holy Redeemer) is located on a small island facing Venice across a lagoon, and a short trip by boat brought me to see some of its eclectic artworks.  

My favorite painting in the church was Baptism of Christ by Veronese.  This painting did not present a panoramic scene of the event; rather, it brought viewers to the close proximity of the main characters in the drama -- Jesus and John the Baptist, presented as virile young men, vigorous and poised, dynamic even in a arrested still moment.  Froze in the middle of an action, their seeming pause gave the painting an ethereal atmosphere and a sense of timelessness.  The strong modulation of their bodies and the bold outlines gave added to their confidence.  They were visited by holy ghost, hovering over Baptist's blessing hand; and observed by two female biblical figures to their left; two donors, dictated tradition occupied the lower right, who in turn, were balanced by cherubim on the upper right corner of the painting.

DSCN0457 _ Baptism of Christ, Paolo Caliari known as il Veronese, Redentore, Venezia, 11 October
Baptism of Christ, Paolo Caliari known as il Veronese

My second favorite painting was Transport of Christ to the Sepulchre, by Jacopo Negretti called Palma il Giovane.

This was a beautiful painting, with typical coloration of Italy idyllic paintings, almost too much so for such a sad subject.  The curiously tranquil scene was accented by two grieve stricken female figures on the upper left and lower right of the painting.  The composition was dynamic yet understated, despite of those two female figures, whose postures were a bit overtly dramatic.

The painting was installed between two columns and underneath a weighty pediment, which echoed the semi-circular top part of the painting.  The small "dome" and the understated trimming at the inner edge of the painting let the entire ensemble an more decorative air.  However, the pureness and openness of the setting were slightly disturbed by a massive golden crown above a crucifix nearby. Impressive surely but a bit too oppressively rich and earthly to be next to this ethereal painting.

DSCN0460 _ XVII Century painting, Transport of Christ to the Sepulchre, by Jacopo Negretti called Palma il Giovane, Redentore, Venezia, 11 October
Transport of Christ to the Sepulchre, by Jacopo Negretti called Palma il Giovane

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