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Four Chinese Masters's Works at Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University

Tracing the Past, Drawing the Future Master Ink Painters in 20th-Century China
Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University is presenting an exhibition (February 17 through July 4, 2010) that brings to the United States a rare and important group of 20th-century paintings by four Chinese modern masters. The landmark exhibition “Tracing the Past, Drawing the Future: Master Ink Painters in 20th-Century China” presents more than 110 works, and illuminates a turning point in the development of Chinese ink painting during the 20th-century.
Drawing upon paintings and calligraphy on loan from Chinese collections new to American audiences, the exhibition presents monumental portraits, vibrant bird-and-flower painting, and spectacular landscapes by Wu Changshuo (1844–1927), Qi Baishi (1864–1957), Huang Binhong (1865–1955), and Pan Tianshou (1897–1971). Collectively known in China as the ‘Four Great Masters of Ink Painting,’ these artists faced the dual challenges of negotiating the impact of encounters with the West, while inventing new directions for long-held practices of ink painting.

Pan Tianshou
This Land So Beautiful, 1959.
Hanging Scroll. Ink and colors on paper. Pan Tianshou Memorial Museum

Wu Changshuo
Flower and Vegetables album:
Narcissus, Eggplant, Grapevines, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, 1904.
Album Leaves. Ink and colors on silk. Zhejiang Provincial Museum.


Huang Binhong
Dry Brush Landscape (detail), 1952. Hanging Scroll.
Ink and colors on paper.
Zhejiang Provincial Museum

Qi Baishi
Ink Crabs (detail), 1953.
Hanging Scroll. Ink and color on paper. Zhejiang Provincial Museum.
More works by these four masters can be seen below:

黄宾虹 HUANG Binhong - 2
黄宾虹 HUANG Binhong - 4

黄宾虹 HUANG Binhong - Landscape

黄宾虹 HUANG Binhong - Landscape

黄宾虹 HUANG Binhong - Avoiding Rain in Sichuan Mountains
Avoiding Rain in Sichuan Mountains

黄宾虹 HUANG Binhong - Three Friends
Three Friends

潘天寿 PAN Tianshou:
潘天寿 PAN Tianshou - Monk Reading
Monk Reading

潘天寿 PAN Tianshou - Rest

潘天寿 PAN Tianshou - Fish

潘天寿 PAN Tianshou - Cascade

潘天寿 PAN Tianshou - Sunshine

潘天寿 PAN Tianshou - Homeland

齐白石 QI Baishi:

齐白石 QI Baishi -  Shrimps

齐白石 QI Baishi - Crabs

齐白石 QI Baishi - Insects and Pumpkins
Insects and Pumpkins

齐白石 QI Baishi - Cabbages

齐白石 QI Baishi - Listening to Frogs' Croaking
Listening to Frogs' Croaking

齐白石 QI Baishi - Huts

齐白石 QI Baishi - Leaves and Insects
Leaves and Insects

吴昌硕 WU Changshuo:

吴昌硕 WU Changshuo - Three Wishes
Three Wishes

吴昌硕 WU Changshuo -

吴昌硕 WU Changshuo - Copying

吴昌硕 WU Changshuo - Plum Flowers
Plum Flowers

吴昌硕 WU Changshuo - Stone and Bamboo
Stone and Bamboo

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