Friday, April 8, 2011

Art Show in the Gallery of Studio Trilogy, San Francisco

Studio Trilogy 2483

Located in South of Market area in San Francisco, Studio Trilogy is a big player in recording company.  The company's website states:
Located in the creative heart of San Francisco, Studio Trilogy furnishes engineers, producers and artists with one of the world’s finest recording studio environments. Three state-of-the-art control rooms, four integrated isolation booths, one of San Francisco’s most versatile large tracking rooms, the unique very live Gallery space, an experienced staff and a great network of award winning engineers and producers.

Designed by John Storyk of WSDG, Studio Trilogy features Pro Tools|HD 3 systems and classic Studer analog 2" tape, Ampex ATR 1" and 1/2" 2 Track, an 80-channel SSL 9000K mix console with Ultimation; A 32 Channel API 1608; A Digidesign ICON D-Control, ISDN, Video link and monitoring for scoring to picture, overdubbing, voice-over, sound design, a large collection of microphones; a full complement of vintage and modern instruments and gear. Check out our News & Events page for current press and updates!
Recently, Studio Trilogy reached me for loaning them some paintings for their above-mentioned Gallery space.  When I visited their studio, I was deeply impressed by the space and was happy to comply.  After some discussions, I brought fourteen paintings to studio Trilogy on Monday, 4 April.  After some trials, we found niches for eight pieces of these paintings.  Three would be in the main Gallery, around their most beloved couch.  The rest of my paintings would be display at the main entrance, the stunning hall way, the reception room, and the landing to the second floor.

The paintings will remain with Studio Trilogy for about three months.

Studio Trilogy 2462
Trying out space

Studio Trilogy 2468
Trying out space - my "Lake", "Bombed Bridge, I" and "Birches" will replace the current paintings

Studio Trilogy 2499
Trying out space

Studio Trilogy 2504
Designated space for "Falling"

Studio Trilogy 2510
Designated space for "Mackerel"

Studio Trilogy 2508
Designated space for "Leisurely"

Studio Trilogy 2501
Designated space for "Crow"

Studio Trilogy 2511
Designated space for "Hindrance"

Studio Trilogy 2474
Studio Trilogy curator and another artist discussed choices

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