Saturday, April 2, 2011

My First Zazzle Sale - Oil Painting "Dispersion" iPad Case

Late February, a San Francisco Chronicle article called my attention to a website which allows people to upload images to design various products, ranging from personalized stamps, stationary, to T-shirts, shoes and skating boards. The "designers" would received a royalty based on the percentage the designer specified, with the default as 10%. The royalty would be built into the total prices.

I created some products with my paintings, drawings and photographs. The products I enjoy "designing" the most are cases for iPhones and iPads, and canvas shoes. The initial enthusiasm and novelty worn thin fast, however, and I quickly lost interest and didn't bother to check the activities of my "Store" for a while, then, out of blue, I received an email - I had made the first sale via Zazzle:

Zazzle Sale - Dispersion iPad Case

It was an iPad case with my oil painting "Dispersion", whose popularity had exceeded my expectation.

Dispersion / 彌散 / Zerstreuung

Well, I sure hope this little venture is the harbinger of many royalties to come.

Fellow artists, give it a try.

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