Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whatever the Cat Desires, She Gets It

The cat who has been insisting on gracing our humble apartment for many many months is casting her eyes ever higher.

Cat Won _ 4539_500

At the beginning, she was content to sit on a sofa, cream white, so set off her black and white coat.  Soon, she started to climb up to the two stereo speakers in our living room.  They were cloth-topped and not very sturdy, so we always took her down and put her on the sofa, or an upholstered chair, installed for her purpose solely.

No, she likes her height.  Then, she would climb or jump onto our printer, or stacked up file cabinet and lord over us like an Egyptian deity.

Cat Won _ 4541_500

Cat Won _ 4545_500

I have learned online that cats don't like funny surfaces therefore I put some bubble wraps on top of our speakers.

It worked ... for several months.

Meanwhile, taking pity of her "misery", I installed a tall chair in our kitchen, so she can at least be at our eye level when we all sit down.

She enjoyed it very much, except for the exact moment we were to take our seats around dining table - at that time, she often found our chairs were much more desirable.

Back to the speakers.  It seems that finally, she overcame her fear and since last week, she started to go back to the top of our speakers.

What did I do?  I cut sturdy card boards underneath the bubble wrap and resigned to the contentment of "my" cat, who can sleep on top of the speaker for up to four or five hours.

Whatever the cat desires, she gets it.

Cat Won _ 4687_500

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