Monday, October 14, 2013

Painting "Surveying" Completed

After a series of interruptions and delays, by my traveling to Los Angeles and China, in July and September, respectively, and other unavoidable chores, finally I finished an oil painting, "Surveying", a first in quite a while.

Surveying / 勘查 / Begutachtung
Surveying, Oil on Canvas, 28" x 22"

This semi-abstract work was inspired by a vision of a field of destruction, where only visible things are charred stumps or stalks.  Above this vast destruction and sadness, glided a ghostly white figure, who, through her outstretched arms, tried to touch the wounds of the earth, consoling the suffering souls as her survey the misery.  A vision of sorrow and compassion.

This painting is also part of my "White Dress" Series, though this is the first one in the series has a "person" wearing the dress.

I was quite relieved and humbled by the praises it garnered when I post it on Facebook.  Thank you all, for your support!

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