Monday, November 2, 2015

Administrative Building Sproul Hall at UC Berkeley

DSCN0295 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley - 500

Till today, for exactly the duration of one year, my office at UC Berkeley was temporarily relocated to the central administrative building, Sproul Hal, a grand old building located in front of the landmark main entrance, Sather Gate. 

Every morning, I enjoyed the absolute quietness before the campus stirred back to vivid life when students started to flood in.

DSCN4457 _ Administrative building, Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN0728 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN4461 _ Lamp outside Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN8558 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley IMG_1969 _ Sproul Hall

My affection for this neoclassical building not only lies on its beautiful proportion and serene orders, but many seemingly insignificant corners both within and without the building, often at some particular hours, such as the intricate shadows cast by the staircases by the morning sun, or the front lobby after a day's bustle:

DSCN4535 _ Lobby, Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN1295 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN1302 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN1301 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN1299 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN1297 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

DSCN1304 _ Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley

Outside classrooms and student residential halls, Sproul Plaza is often the center of student life, such as noontime musical performances, or civic protests on issues ranging from environment, tuition and national or global politics:

Jazz at Sproul UC Berkeley
Jazz at Sproul

November 11, 2011 - Protest at Cal _ 7964
Protest in front of Sproul Hall, Sproul Plaza, November 11, 2011

DSCN0354 _ Free Speech Movement 50th Anniversary, UC Berkeley
Free Speech Movement 50th Anniversary, 2014

DSCN0346 _ Mock Guantánamo Prison Cell, Free Speech Movement 50th Anniversary, UC Berkeley
Mock Guantánamo Prison Cell, Free Speech Movement 50th Anniversary, 2014

I'll miss my old temporary office.  Ciao.

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