Monday, November 30, 2015

Berkeley Central Arts Passage Gallery

Berkeley Central Arts Passage Gallery is a half-block long gallery in downtown Berkeley, nested inside a huge apartment compound, connecting two major streets full of major institutions such as  City College, Berkeley Repertory Theater, Aurora Theatre, Jazz School, and Freight and Salvage club.

A Berkeley gallery, Expressions Gallery, was entrusted to curate several recent shows for Arts Passage: "The Many Forms of Art", "Today's Artists Interact with Major Art Movements", and "Our Challenged Planet".

The Many Forms of Art surveyed many forms and the definition of those art forms, ranging from painting, drawing, sculpture and particularly the varieties of print making, as show in the video below:

Today's Artists Interact with Major Art Movements demonstrated how active artists were influenced by major art figures and movements in the past, and how they reacted and responded to the rich history:

Five of my paintings were included in that show.

IMG_1134 - The Triumph of Saint George - large
The Triumph of Saint George (Baroque)

IMG_1135 -Progress & Mackerel - large
Progression (Romanticism) and Mackerel (Realism)

IMG_1136 - In Distant Country - large
In Distant Country (Modern Art)

IMG_1137 - Siege - large
Siege (Neo-Expressionism)

Last week, the latest exhibition opened and my painting, Leisurely, was included in this "Our Challenged Planet exhibition, which ends on February 2, 2016:

IMG_2570 - Leisurely - large

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