Friday, January 8, 2016

My Favoritate Artwork at Ca' Pesaro, Venezia (Venice), Italy

DSCN1567 _ Ca' Pesaro, Venezia, 13 October

Ca' Pesaro in Venice is known for its modern collections, including paintings by Gustav Klimt, Pierre Bonnard and Marc Chagall.  When I visited the museum, Klimt was not on display so I chose these two pieces as my favorites.

The sculpture "Cardinal" by Giacomo Manzù was a very striking piece.  From the front, it looked like a well formed symmetrical shrub, or an over-sized checkers piece, which definitely was nothing but simple and had multiple layers of meanings. The side view of the cardinal was an even more fascinating figure, which sat on an invisible seat, therefore gave the viewers a view of that support-less cardinal sloping down to the ground.  A political metaphor?

DSCN1575 _ Ca Pesaro, Venezia, 13 October
Cardinal by Giacomo Manzù

ca pesaro Venice modern art collection Manzu

My other favorite was a still life painting, done with rich but not obsessive impasto, therefore a contrast and drama.  The humble subjects and narrow breadth of somber hues lent an overall feeling of austerity, deceptively so, because the painting was really rich of subtlety and interplay, such as the shape of a vase rack and its shadow on the wall in the center of the canvas.  The gradation of the shades was broad but subtle, and such tonal contrast generated another tense drama. The light and shadow almost added tangible movements to the absolute stillness of the piece. One could pulse the ticking clock underneath those layers of silent paints.

DSCN1581 _ Ca Pesaro, Venezia, 13 October

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