Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Pigs in the Backyard

One day, when I went to the deck to look for my cat, I was startled to see that in the backyard down below, there were some rounded pinkish figures on a bright blue tarp.  My hard-working neighbor has been improving the backyard incessantly, with constant additions of fountains, lanterns, plus many maintenance works done to the yard and the building.

The new addition were quite funny and adorable - they were three pigs - a family, perhaps - in the unadorned ceramic base color, quite similar to real pigs, I suppose.

The rounded forms of those pigs were quite eye catching, quite like my cat's.  I hoped the egoistic cat wouldn't be too jealous of these pink animals, as she was to my stuffed elephant, Agnieszka, and push them off their temporary or permanent bases.  However, I shouldn't worry too much.  These pigs were much heavier than my elephant.

Little Pigs _ 0299 - 500

Little Pigs _ 0287 - 500

Little Pigs _ 0285 - 500

Little Pigs _ 0297 - 500

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