Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pastel Rainbow Flag and Apple Company's Success

In last couple weeks, I went to San Francisco several times to attend concerts and saw numerous instances of saturate-colored rainbow Gay Pride Flag.  They were bold and eye-catching, however, design wise, quite dated.

Incidentally, one of the most sleek companies today, Apple, share the same color scheme on its original logo, which was iconic not only in its colorful bands but its shape as well:

However, by the time when Apple finally took the mass consumer world by storm with its pastel colored iMac and then platinum colored iPod, its logo had shed the colors and became sleeker, more appealing and harmonious, without losing the characteristics of instant recognition, largely due to its bitten-apple shape:

Yes, Apple have been producing high-quality, ground-break products, such as iPhone and iPad, etc., which contributed highly to its commercial and cultural success.  Yet, I cannot image the same magnitude of success if Apple Company had kept its original colorful logo.  The success of Apple was in many way a triumph of aesthetics, and its former CEO Steve Jobs was a visionary aesthetics.

Now, let's come back to the equally iconic and colorful Gay Pride Rainbow Flag.  Yes, it has cultural and historical value; yet, it is also quite dated and desperately needs a makeover for the modern era - the iEra. 

Perhaps, some pastel colored flag like the one below would be a starting point for a new design?

Pastel Rainbow Flag - 500

If the gay flag's colors have been updated to befit the new century, according to modern aesthetics, I can image that many more aesthetic-sensitive homosexuals would be more willing, even eager to hoist the gay flag and display such stickers.  Or even more eager to come out.

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