Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New Painting "Icon" Completed

Last Saturday, I completed a new painting - Icon.

Growing up with the doctrine that "religion is poison" [Mao], my view on religion was not a cozy one but it has changed slowly.  Though I am still somewhat leery of organized religion, I do appreciate the power of solace religions can provide.

This year I have a rather difficult beginning and seeking such comfort perhaps was what compelled me to work on this painting, dominated by a compassionate weeping face. The sadness and compassionate eyes comforted me during the time of difficulty and suffering.

Icon / Ikon / 聖像
Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

When I started this painting several weeks ago, I didn't have another painting in mind at all.  Once it was completed and archived last Saturday, I was surprised to see that it made a perfect companion piece to another painting with a very similar compassionate woman face, completed in January this year:

Heavenwards / 向天 / Zum Himmel
Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16"

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