Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Favorite Paintings at Tate Britain, London

In my previous reporting in this series, I cited two paintings I liked most in Tate Modern, London.  Tate Modern is part of the Tate gallery network in Britain, with Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives.  Tate Britain was the oldest gallery in the network, opening in 1897 and houses a substantial collection of the works of J. M. W. Turner.

Turner is one of my favorite artists and amongst many of his masterpieces collected there, I loved this one below most:

Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbor's Mouth, 1842
Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775‑1851)
Oil on canvas
Support: 914 x 1219 mm frame: 1233 x 1535 x 145 mm

The most striking aspect of this painting is its dynamism - the vortex formed by the the fast moving waves echoing the crushing dark clouds - it was simultaneously exhilarating and disorientating. Dramatic, bold, sketchy yet subtle.  Luminous and threatening. 

The other work I like most there was by the very same Alan Davie, whose work I had cited as one of the two my favorites at Tate Modern.

Black Mirror, 1952 Alan Davie (born 1920)
Oil on board
Support: 1219 x 1219 mm frame: 1245 x 1270 x 65 mm  

Once again, his painting was draped in dark mystery, with the dominant black color bellowing like a cello.  The overwhelming blackness was made acceptable by the almost reflective white "panel" and yellow light or streaks breaking through the dark curtain.  The objects on the board were both tangible and indecipherable.  An enigma and a lovely one.

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