Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beautiful Spring Time

Though the evening chill still visits us time to time, it is definitely spring time in Berkeley, California now.  I'm utterly enchanted by the blooms everywhere - yellow, white, pink and red, etc.

DSCN6043 - Spring Flowers

DSCN6056 - Spring Flowers

DSCN6055 - Spring Flowers

DSCN6047 - Spring Flowers

DSCN6045 - Spring Flowers

DSCN6044 - Spring Flowers

The few white blooms above were shot in a somewhat foggy day but even so, the sense of spring was palpable.  Of course, even in spring time, there will be storms and storms and clouds can be beautiful, even in the forbidding urban setting like the two snap shots below:

DSCN6057 - Morning Light

DSCN6061 - Berkeley Morning

Since I'm back to the urban landscape from nature, I'll include two more pictures from the Berkeley Art Museum, though industrial looking, the soft lighting echoed the spring outside the concrete walls.

DSCN6102 - Berkeley Art Museum

DSCN6101 - Berkeley Art Museum

Finally, below picture was a picnic I had last weekend, with my friends from my book group.  Marvelous luncheon.

DSCN6100 - Spring Picnic


  1. We're pretty lucky out here on the west coast. Look at photos of the blizzard in Northern Europe this week for comparison...

  2. Yes, Steve, I have to agree with your sentiment. We are quite lucky.