Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Favorite Artworks in Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria

The ultra-modern museum, Kunsthaus, in Graz, Austria, was a distinctive architecture and its attraction is itself.

DSCN8995 _ View of Kunsthaus, Graz from Schloßberg, Graz, 8 October

DSCN9414 _ Kunsthaus, Graz, 9 October

DSCN9402 _ Kunsthaus, Graz, 9 October

That said, I did see some very interesting works in this museum during my 2012 visit to Graz.  My favorite item was an installation - a wooden forest flourishing under several intense circular florescent lights, suggesting a giant incubator, or an solemn, almost spiritual outer space, where several stars or planets converging upon alien soil.  Very intriguing.

DSCN9371 _ Kunsthaus, Graz, 9 October

My second favorite was a 30 minutes video, titled True False Else, white outlines of ever-morphing objects continuously expanded and contracted against a dark background, reminiscent of the famous William Kentridge's drawing animation.  Mesmerizing.

DSCN9349 _ True False Else, 1992, Constanze Ruhm, 30 min., Kunsthaus, Graz, 9 October
True False Else, 1992, Constanze Ruhm, 30 min.

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