Friday, November 19, 2010

Orientation of Paintings

People joke about hanging artworks in the wrong ways, either upside-down, or side-ways, mistakes can happen particularly to abstract works, whose orientation can be more fluid.

More presentational works is not immune from this problem, though definitely less frequently.  Sometimes, such uncertainty or ambiguity regarding the orientation of artworks opens a new dimension and add new meanings to a work.

The orientations of most of my paintings can be determined readily but a handful can be less rigid, such as below paintings, perhaps, one can argue that hanging them upside-down would be just the same:

Homeland Impression, IV / 故鄉印象之四 / Vaterland-Eindruck, IV

Nurturing / 哺乳 / Ernährung

Purple Dream / 紫夢 / Purpurroter Traum


I also remembered two occasions when I debated seriously on if those two works should be viewed in horizontal or vertical format.

Mackerel / 鯖魚 / Makrele


Sisyphus / 西西弗斯 / Sisyphus

To give my readers a clearer idea, I made the little video below to demonstrate my argument visually:

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List of Video Presentation of My Artworks

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