Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pope, Condoms and Male Prostitutes

I don't mean to make a sensational story by putting those three objects in the title line.  Rather, the story I am commenting on is a serious one.

The pope finally made except to the catholic church's condemnation of condom use, if it can help to stop AIDS AND without accepting it as a way for preventing conception.  He made clear that he considered the use of condoms a last resort and not a way to prevent conception and the example he gave of when they could be used was in the case of male prostitutes, because the sexual activities between male prostitutes and their male customers would not result in any pregnancy.

Pope Benedict XVI pointedly avoided sexual activities between male and female, including female prostitutes.  Perhaps, he would insist on that the sexual activities between female prostitutes and male customers be for procreation purposes only?

Desire / 慾望 / Sehnsucht

© Matthew Felix Sun

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