Saturday, May 21, 2011

48 Days Later - Ai Weiwei's Wife's Company Was Charged

Against its own law of maximum 30 days (or 37 days, according to some) of detention without charge, Chinese authority, after 48 days, finally announced a charge against the leading Chinese artist and social critic Mr. AI Weiwei.  They charged that his company has "evaded 'a huge amount' of taxes and intentionally destroyed accounting documents" (Chinese state news agency Xinhua Agency).

The company, however, was registered in Ai Weiwei's wife's name and belongs to LU Qing, instead of her husband Ai.

Before the announcement of the charge, when the rumor of tax evasion charge was coming, she had expressed explicitly that she was the owner of the company and if anyone to be arrested and charge, it ought to be her, and Ai ought to be released immediately.

She also called attention to several other people in Ai's close circle have been made disappear for more than since Ai's detention, with some have been detained for more than 30 days without charges as well.

British newspaper Guardian reports that:
Chinese police say the company of the detained artist Ai Weiwei has evaded "a huge amount" of taxes and intentionally destroyed accounting documents, state news agency Xinhua reported.
Officials had earlier said police were investigating Ai in connection with suspected economic crimes, but his family and friends believe he has been targeted because of his social and political activism.

According to the brief Xinhua article, police said the information came from their initial investigation into the company, called Beijing Fake Cultural Development Ltd.

Ai's wife, Lu Qing, has said the company is actually hers, although it handles his affairs. She did not respond to calls.

The company's accountant, Hu Mingfen, also went missing in April, as did Ai's driver and cousin Zhang Jinsong, his friend Wen Tao and colleague Liu Zhenggang.

Guardian photo: The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei last year. Police claim Ai's company evaded a huge amount of tax. Photograph: Andy Wong/AP

In a country, when authorities can arrest a person, then find excuses to charge him or her, artistic freedom do not exist.

Ai should be released immediately.

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