Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Wish: Ai Weiwei's Mother Looking for Her Son

According to Radio Australia, Gao Ying, Ai Weiwei's mother, the widow of nationally renown poet, Ai Qing (think of Walter Whitman and Allen Ginsberg), posted a handwritten searching for "Missing Person" notice, on April 5, looking for her son Ai Weiwei. Ai is an internationally renowned conceptual artist and a frequent critics of behaviors of many low ranking Chinese officials.

Gao, wrote in the search notice: "Ai Weiwei, male, aged 53, at 8:30 on April 3, 2011 or so, at the Beijing International Airport before boarding the plane to Hong Kong, was taken away by two men, and has been missing for more than 50 hours so far. If you know his whereabouts, please notify his family." A contact telephone number was included.

BBC News also reported such missing notice and confirmed that the search notice was signed by Ai's mother and sister.

In this mother's day, let's demand and pray for the immediate release of Ai Weiwei.

Updates:  Ai's Missing Days: 37

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Ai Weiwei, Ai Qing and Liu Xiaoqing

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