Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Dream of Labor

I often had vivid dream- from blooming meadow to swinging corpse behind a door, either comforting or upsetting, with great visual impacts and sometimes served as starting point of my painting projects.

Last week, I had another strange dream and I am still trying to determine its meanings, if any, and if I should treat it as a painting object or not.

Ritratto di vecchia, Giorgione
I dreamed that I was in a restaurant, only by concept, without any visualizing of the specifics, and realized that our server was a very old woman - in her eighties or nineties, I somehow knew it in my dream sequence.  I was not alone, but couldn't tell whom I was with.  One of my companions voiced his or her concern for the old server and we were assured, perhaps by the restaurant's cheerful management, that we needed not to worry.  "She just performed a feat the other day and served a large party of eighty or ninety people by herself."

We were impressed and felt better.

Then, our old server tottered in, with her bend back absolutely parallel to the ground.  Several fully loaded large plates crowded on her stoic back

Quite an image, isn't it?  Perhaps, I should work on it?

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