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Kitchen, Restaurant and Food Court in Shenyang, China

Before I visited China in May, I learned to make bagels, hoping to treat my parents with the authentic Jewish American food.  Alas, they don't have oven in their flat, so I had to learn to make pancakes with the cookbooks they had and below images are the documentation of my efforts:

Making Pancakes in Shenyang, China _ 0314
Step 1

Making Pancakes in Shenyang, China _ 0315 Making Pancakes in Shenyang, China _ 0316
Steps 2-3

Making Pancakes in Shenyang, China _ 0318
Step 4

Pancakes, Shenyang, China _ 9133
Another kind of pancake

My mom and I also teamed up to make several loaves of bread of different varieties, with her breadmaker.  I had never made bread before and it was fun, even though it was cheating.  The taste of the bread was not bad, but it definitely could not compete with artisan breads we have in San Francisco Bay Area.

Homemade Bread, Shenyang, China _ 0029

Homemade Bread, Shenyang, China _ 8933

Homemade Bread, Shenyang, China _ 0031

Naturally, we'd have some meals out but I found the food in Chinese restaurant intolerably greasy so I often opt for like stuff like porridge or steam buns.  Below is a pumpkin porridge I had in a food court and it was quick tasty:

Porridge from a Foot Court, Shenyang, China _ 9294

On another occasion, I sat in a food court inside a department store, and watched the cook making hand stretched noodles.  It was quite fun:

The department store was usually packed but the day we were there, it was usually quiet and light with diners and shoppers.  Strange.

Food Court in Department Store, Shenyang, China _ 9293

Food Court in Department Store, Shenyang, China _ 0087
Shop Sign: Donkey Biscuits

Food Court in Department Store, Shenyang, China _ 0088

Below two pictures show the other part of the store and its exterior:

Department Store, Shenyang, China _ _ 0085

Department Store, Shenyang, China _ _ 0111

The food court inside that department store looked nicer and cleaner, while the one inside a huge park was not inviting and I declined to eat there with my family and cousin:

Foot Court in a Park _ 0651

We also went to restaurants - decent, clean and reasonably priced.  Nothing special to report, except for the tanks in the ordering room by the entrance, where diners could point at the seafood they want and the servers would fish it out, be it shrimp, fish, crab, or frog.  Quite unpleasant, so I include only this relatively serene image:

Seafood Restaurant - Shenyang, China _ 0102

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