Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home Made Bagels

Hamantaschen _ 8518 - 500

My friend made a batch of delicious Hamantachen (above).  While I enjoyed the wonderful snacks, I was inspired to make somthing myself.

I remembered the great-tasting home made bagels recently, I decided to give it a try, following the recipe our cousin gave us graciously and simple enough even for me, who has no affinity to baking.

I followed the recipe to the letter.  Unfortunately, our cousin, an expert baker, didn't think it necessary to specify the temperature of water for mixing with yeast, therefore, I used cold water.  After a while, when I saw the dough didn't rise, I asked an expert and learned that warm water was best for such purpose.  I sat the container on a pot of hot water and later the dough dutifully rose.  The rest of the recipe was very clear and in due time, my first batch of home made bagels were ready - good looking and great tasting:

Bagels _ 8519 - 500

Bagels _ 8521 - 500

Bagels _ 8522 - 500


  1. Matt,
    They look great! After a week of matzo, I am craving bagels and may have to make a batch myself. Thanks for sharing..the photos!
    Cousin Susan (who supplied the recipe!

    1. Thank you again, Susan! Your recipe is wonderful. I'll have to try to make them for my parents.