Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snowy Mountain, II - A New Ending

Snowy Mountain, I / 雪山之一 / Schneebedeckt-Berg, I
Snowy Mountain, I
Oil on Canvas, 24" x 20"
Completed in 2006
I have made two snowy mountain paintings.  The first one, Snowy Mountain, I (left), was a smooth sail. I arrived at the final stage without an iota of struggle.  The execution stage was quick and assured and it matched my design or vision perfectly.  A Chinese ink painting influenced work.  It was completed in 2006.

Soon after, I worked on its companion piece, Snowy Mountain, II, but this one gave me so much struggle and had pulled me into various directions that I was attempted to give it up time to time, if it had not become my Moby-Dick.

My obsession to wrestle with this small beast finally made it yield somewhat and the last reincarnation fit the mood and style of its companion piece rather well, and I am relieved to say that it is completed.  (For now).

Snowy Mountain, II / 雪山之二 / Schneebedeckt-Berg, II
Snowy Mountain, II
Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16", Completed in 2012

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