Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Magnolia Blossoms in January

When a large part of the US is under a severe cold spell, San Francisco Bay Area has a very unusually warm winter.  As a matter of fact, it feels much more like spring now.  Though we worry deeply about the prolonged drought here, I cannot help but admiring the lovely natural beauty, such as the magnificent magnolia blossoms in front of a student apartment housing near the University of California, Berkeley.

Below are a group of photos taken on the second and the third of January, when the delicate buds just started to sprout, accented by several bolder blossoms:

DSCN0456 DSCN0457 DSCN0465

DSCN0464 DSCN0462

DSCN0466 DSCN0467 DSCN0468

DSCN0458 DSCN0463

A few days later, I admired them from a little distance - not much changed, as the sparsely populated branches remained as delicate as before:

DSCN0487 DSCN0486


Another week passed, the blossoms become overwhelming and practically I could hear their joyous choral, as evidenced by the pictures taken yesterday and today:

DSCN0498 _ Magnolia Blossoms, January 2014



DSCN0505 DSCN0504

DSCN0507 DSCN0503


Indeed, it is springtime now.

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