Saturday, August 31, 2013

Foggy and Sunny Day in Berkeley

Summer time in San Francisco Bay Area it is often foggy, so is Berkeley, facing San Francisco across the bay.  I particularly enjoyed the foggy mornings when the sun slowly penetrates the mythical fog and lifts the thin veil of the day.

Below are a group of pictures I took recently in an early morning when the sun was about to piece through the fog:

DSCN9199 _ Fog & Sun, Berkeley, CA

DSCN9200 _ Fog & Sun, Berkeley, CA DSCN9202 _ Fog & Sun, Berkeley, CA
DSCN9201 _ Fog & Sun, Berkeley, CA

DSCN9203 _ Fog & Sun, Berkeley, CA

DSCN9204 _ Morning Fog, Berkeley, CA

Even when the sun finally emerged, the sky was still dark and it contrasted dramatically with the light-hued building block:

DSCN9206 _ Foggy Morning, Berkeley, CA

DSCN9205 _ Foggy Morning, Berkeley, CA

In the afternoon, the sun truly danced, and practically sang a duet with the water jets in this lovely tiled fountain:

DSCN9220 _ Dancing Water Fountain, Berkeley, CA

DSCN9221 _ Dancing Water Fountain, Berkeley, CA

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