Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Publications in Pomona Valley Review

Last weekend, Issue 8 (May 2014) of Pomona Valley Review was published online and two of my paintings were included in this new edition, following the publication of my two paintings and an installation in their last year's edition, Issue 7.

The paintings included in the magazine were an oil painting, Surveying (2013), and a gouache painting, Wildflowers (2014).

Surveying / 勘查 / Begutachtung
Surveying, Oil on Canvas, 28" x 22"

Wildflowers / 野花 / Wildblumen
Wildflowers, Gouache on Paper, 7" x 10.25"

These two paintings, different in sizes, media, and particularly colors - one was monochromatic and the other burst with colors - shared my current fascination with intricate and repeating patterns, evident in the whirling wasted fields in Surveying and undulating flowers and green leaves in Wildflowers

Below is the comprehensive survey of my published artworks:
Matthew Felix Sun's My Publications (displayed on Flickr) photoset Matthew Felix Sun's My Publications (displayed on Flickr) photoset

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