Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Creative Conference - Adobe MAX in Los Angeles

DSCN0310 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

The Adobe MAX is an annual event held by Adobe Systems in North America, Europe and Japan. The purpose of the event is to promote the latest Adobe releases to those in the computer design and development industries [wikepedia]. Last week, I attended the conference in Los Angeles, joining other 7,000 or so creative people, to learn, to exchange ideas and to celebration the community.

There are some pre-conference training workshops, such as the poster making led by Russell Brown, Sr. Creative Director of Adobe. Last year, the challenge at the same workshop I attended was to create sci-fi monster movie posters.  This year's challenge was far more interesting - posters for Shakespeare plays:

IMG_1304 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

There were two Key Note Speaker events and one Sneak Peeks of new products, all of which took place in the slick, newly renamed Microsoft Theater from Nokia:

DSCN0198 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

IMG_1259 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0200 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

IMG_1291 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0240 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0250 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

Two products stood out this year - Project Comet, which boasted "A whole new experience in user experience design. Design and prototype websites and mobile apps faster than ever with Project Comet, the first all-in-one solution for UX designers."

The demonstration showed a seamless and fast way to design a complex site and it received a huge cheer.  On our way home near the airplane we ran into a developer from Adobe, and when he revealed that he worked on Comet, he was treated like a rock-star by the conference goers.

DSCN0212 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0211 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0210 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

The other project was called MURPH, which dazzled us by handily creating and modifying fonts at fingertips:

DSCN0259 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

I took many lab and lecture sessions, such as these two very practical labs - "Creating Photo Real Characters in Photoshop Hands-on Lab" and "Get Animated with After Effects":

IMG_1289 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

IMG_1333 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

Community Pavilion was the place to digest, socialize and get inspired.  There were some very interesting decorations:

IMG_1269 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0221 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

The last night of the conference was a glitzy Bash at L.A. LIVE plaza, and that extravaganza was somewhat too excessive, an illness of our time, or any time of mankind:

DSCN0270 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0301 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0302 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

DSCN0305 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

IMG_1322 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

IMG_1325 _ AdobeMAX2015 LA

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