Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms in Urban Apartments Garden

Recent pouring rain storms in San Francisco Bay Area, though inconvenient for many commuters, were more than welcome by the residents, because California had been suffering persistent drought for years. Further more, the moist weather brought out many unexpected colorful mushrooms in some unexpected places, such as this cluster of Amanita muscaria I saw near an apartment compound of University of California, Berkeley.

They might be poisonous, but they were wonderful to behold.

Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_9981

Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_9284

Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_9997

Amanita muscaria mushrooms & Squirrel - IMG_9983

Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_9993 Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_9994

Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_9279

Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_9277  Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_0003

Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_9996

Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_9281

Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_9280

Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_9294

Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_9285

Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_9985 Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_0004

Amanita muscaria mushrooms - IMG_0002 Amanita muscaria mushroom - IMG_0005

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