Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Eyes of Electra - A New Semi-Abstract Painting Completed

Last weekend, I finished my new painting - "The Eyes of Electra".  This is a series of small paintings on the theme of Greek mythology.

I have done a few such paintings - narrative and more or less traditional, such as Minotaur, or The Song of Orpheus:

Minotaur / 牛頭怪 / Minotaur  The Song of Orpheus / 奧菲厄斯的歌 / Das Lied des Orpheus

However, it seemed to me that I wanted to rid myself of the narrative shackle and want to present the raw emotion or the undercurrent of those stories in its rawest terms - flashes of impressions.  Considering that last year I had been exploring the expressive power of patterns and spatial relationships, this new approach was a natural path to me, at this juncture.

The Eyes of Electra, the first of this series I completed, was probably the darkest one - I wanted to present the claustrophobic poisonous atmosphere Electra insisted on the palace, where her mother murdered her father, aided by her mother's lover, who was actually revenging for his own family who had suffered in the hands of her father.

Electra, who gave name to a psychological complex, ever vengeful, stalked her besieged and frightened mother, day and night, beneath every archway, behind every wall.  Her blood-shod eyes flashing, her look terrible.  She, became a sister of furies.  She morphed from victim to victimizer, a serpent.  That, was the theme of my "The Eyes of Electra".

The Eyes of Electra / 伊萊克特拉的眼睛 / Die Augen von Electra
The Eyes of Electra
Oil on Canvas
14" x 11"
Completed in 2012
© Matthew Felix Sun

Matthew Felix Sun's Paintings Completed in 2012 by Matthew Felix Sun photoset

Matthew Felix Sun's Abstract - 抽象 - Abstrakt photoset

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