Monday, November 25, 2013

A New Video of "Liberation Road"

Quit a while ago, I made a video to present my oil painting, Liberation Road, so as to show its details with the "camera" panning across the canvas.  The video was a success; however, during that panning process, viewers could not see the painting itself and it could be frustrating.

Finally, I mastered a way to incorporate two video clips into one single final video and they can be played simultaneously.  For this project, I deliberately keep my left clip static, so as to show the complete painting, while the right clip demonstrate the details, exactly as the video above, since I re-used my previous video as the second clip.

Actually, the number of the clips is not limited to two and all the clips can be animated.  I can easily think of a useful example: one clip shows various details of the completed painting, while the other clip plays the painting process or the talking head of the artist.  I also learned how to crop and re-size the assembled videos, in order to reduce black borders, if so desired.

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