Sunday, February 12, 2017

Three Gouache Paintings Completed in the New Year

Into 2017, while working on  five oil paintings simultaneously, I decided to better utilize my time and took on work on paper again.

So far, I have completed three gouache paintings this year and they formed a very interesting complementing body of work to my oil paintings.

Origin / 起源 / Ursprung
Origin, 10"x8", Gouache on Paper, 2017

Origin was an abstract painting, depicting the beginning, or end of the the time, featuring yellow dusts over background of black intermingled with layers of red and blue hues. It boasted a striking contrast and pleasing presentation.

Hope and Desire / 希望和慾望 / Hoffnung und Sehnsucht
Hope and Desire, 10"x8", Gouache on Paper, 2017

Hope and Desire was a geometric study of shades and shapes, representing hope, desire and the dash of them.

Cascades / 瀑布 / Kaskaden
Cascades, 12"x8", Gouache on Paper, 2017

Cascades was inspired by Yosemite waterfalls, in the style of Impressionism. Completed just days ago, in February.

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