Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Featured Painting "Waifs"

Waifs depicted an almost surreal landscape, tranquil and dark, as if under the spell of a mysterious and shushing moonlight. Amongst tall trunks, a group of figures shrouded in white, ostensibly young women, trod, plodded, or frolicked on the richly vegetated ground, ever deeper into the woods. 

Despite their being in a group, there was an overwhelming sense of isolation and loneliness, and their internalized presence was touching to behold. Their billowing dresses were as mysterious as these figures themselves - were these innocent young girls or runaway women? Were they spirits, witches, or visiting phantoms from beyond the reach, and acted in tandem? 

Waifs - 漂泊者 - Heimatlosen

24” x 30”
Oil on Canvas
Completed in 2020

This painting is being exhibited in Biafarin Online Exhibition: Exhibizone – Winter 2021 (March 10 – April 10, 2021)

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