Sunday, May 31, 2015

Featured Oil Painting "White Dress"

My still life oil painting, "White Dress", was inspired by a vision of a tiny white dress floating in a vast open sky. While working on the painting, I managed to make the delicate-looking dress full of free-spirit and bravura, as it floated against an intense red backdrop, whose hues shifted and varied mercurially, like raging flames. Small, and delicate, yet the small white dress flew on, nonchalantly, unconcerned with its own vulnerability, however threatened by the menacing environ.

The success of this painting gave me an impetus to continue the probe of the psyche of a personified white dress, and embarked on a journey of making a series of white dresses, objects I judged perfect to reflect or stand in as the bodies they are to clothe, as documented in this article: "White Dress" Series Continues - A New Drawing and a New Painting. This painting was also part of my Apocalypse Series. It was selected for juried exhibitions at 4th National Juried Exhibition, Prince Street Gallery, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York, 12 - 30 July 2011, and ViewPoint 2007, 39th Annual National Juried Art Competition, Cincinnati Art Club, Ohio, November 2007.

Originally published on my website: “White Dress" - Beginning of an Ongoing Series

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Friday, May 22, 2015

My Favorite Artwork at Piazza di San Marco

Piazza di San Marco in Venice is a marvelous museum itself, featuring valuable historical artifacts and artistic treasures, too numerous to list.

One of my two favorites is the iconic sculpture of "I Tetrarchi (The Tetrarchs)" at the foot of Basilica di San Marco, depicting four ebony colored Tetrarchs huddling together, either in fear, or treacherous congregation. Very intriguing and engaging:


DSCN1223 _ I Tetrarchi, Basilica di San 
Marco, Venezia, 13 October

The second favorite sculpture of mine is actually a capital, which has some very peculiar looking heads sticking out of the column, some with the spirits of figureheads on a prow, others look more despondent or stunned.  Those exotic looking heads are full of personalities and though hard to notice in the vast Piazza, are hard to forgot once seen.

DSCN1214 _ view of Campanile from loggia of Palazzo Ducale, Piazza di San Marco, 13 October

DSCN1210 _ Column Details of Palazzo Ducale, Piazza di San Marco, 13 October

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List of My Favorite Artworks in the Museums I've Visited

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