Saturday, May 26, 2018

Xinle Ruin in Shenyang, China

My home city Shenyang, despite being outside historical Chinese empire till just a couple centuries ago, it does boast a few cultural and historical relics, one of which was the 6,800-7,200 years old, late neolithic period Xinle Ruin.

Modern sculptures depicting activities and people during that time, or replica of some important finding, greeted visitors at the entrance and frontal plaza.

DSCN2296 - Relief at the Entrance, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang DSCN2297 - Relief at the Entrance, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

DSCN2176 - Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

DSCN2280 - Sun Bird Column, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Sun Bird Column, based on a wood-sculptured bird unearthed on site

There were some atmospheric replica huts on the ground, surrounding a few protected spots, which preserved the site when being excavated in modern time.

DSCN2292 - Huts replica, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Replica Huts

DSCN2283 - Ruin, Shenyang

DSCN2284 - Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

In a modest museum behind the sites and the reconstructed huts, some interest discoveries were on display, including nuts, stoneware, clay vessels, and as the center piece, a wood-sculptured bird unearthed there, which was the earliest cultural relic in Shenyang, as well as one of oldest wood sculptures found anywhere in the world. Perhaps, it was too precious, so only the replica was on display.

DSCN2288 - Sun bird, Wood sculpture replica, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Sun bird, Wood sculpture replica

DSCN2180 - Stone Grinding Plate, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

DSCN2182 - Tree Nuts, Nut Shell, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Tree Nuts, Nut Shell

DSCN2186 - Clay Potteries, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Clay Potteries

DSCN2187 - Clay Potteries, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

DSCN2192 - Stone Leaves, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Stone Leaves

DSCN2195 - Stone Arrows, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Stone Arrows

DSCN2203 - Pottery Vessel, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang
Pottery Vessel

DSCN2223 - Pottery Vessel, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

DSCN2227 - Potteries, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

DSCN2271 - Pottery Vessel, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang DSCN2276 - Pottery Steamer, Xinle Ruin, Shenyang

I found these strange- and primitive- looking vessels the aesthetic highlight of the exhibition.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Featured Drawing "Formation"

The monotonous grayness of the cold climate landscape, though off-putting to some, holds special attraction for me, perhaps, nostalgia is the root of such attachment. I love the blanketing quietness stealthily imposed upon the environment, and appreciate the occasional higher values (not necessarily more vibrant colors) which enliven the space rhythmically and musically. My charcoal drawing Formation is such a presentation of the cool, unyielding, yet not totally unfriendly northern place which tenderly and harshly nurtured my growth. Almost puritanical, yet beautiful in its heart-rending austere bleakness.

Formation / 行列 / Gestaltung
11.5” x 18”
Charcoal on Paper
Completed in 2018
Originally posted on

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