Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Enigma - my solo exhibition at Gallerie Valerie, Crockett, CA


Thanks to the gallerist and artist Valerie Quade, I had the opportunity to exhibit 18 oil and gouache paintings in a solo show titled “Enigma” at Gallerie Valerie in Crockett, from September 3rd through 26th in 2021.

The pieces are chiefly representational, even realistic, yet they often cloak twists or hidden meanings. Beneath their surfaces are darker truths, or riddles that invite further investigation. Paintings such as Anselm Kiefer’s Bathtubs, Arabesque, Leisurely, or The March of Time are imbued with an enigma.  The entire exhibition can also be viewed on my website  or on YouTube. Below snapshots of the installation offer a glimpse of this exhibition:

IMG_5953-800px IMG_5966 IMG_5996_m IMG_5983 IMG_5995 IMG_5960 IMG_5968 IMG_6009

Below are some scenes from the opening reception, which took place on September 3rd.

IMG_6323 2 

IMG_6310 IMG_6311

Opening of Enigma solo exhibition by Matthew Felix Sun, Gallerie Valerie, Crockett, CA image0 image1

A "walk-through" video below can lead you through the gallery space:


And finally, the compilation video incorporated the art installation and opening reception:



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