Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Favorite Artworks at Duomo, Padova (Padua), Italy

The Duomo in Padova (Padua), Italy, was a solemn and imposing mass, well prepared visitors for a moving niche showcasing a glowing painting of Madonna and the Child, done in a typical Renaissance manner.  The bright red background of the painting, contrasting strongly the dark contour of the figures, practically glowed.

DSCN0986 _ Duomo, Padova, 12 October

The interior actually was mostly airy, such as this wonderful chapel featuring a marble sculptural shrine, all in pale colors save its base — a burial chamber, hosting the relic or remain of perhaps a certain bishop, which glowed with red and gold.  Strange and unforgettable.

 DSCN0990 _ Duomo, Padova, 12 October

My Favorite Museum Collection Series
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List of My Favorite Artworks in the Museums I've Visited

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Updates: Exhibitions, a Publication and New Works

Last year, a print and online review magazine, Owen Wister Review (University of Wyoming), planned to publish three works of mine: Stairwell, Rafting, and Ink and Watercolor Lilies. After much delay, the 2015 issue finally was published. 

Stairwell / 樓梯 / Treppenhaus Rafting / 漂筏 / Flößerei Ink and Watercolor Lilies
My Publications by Owen Wister Riview 2015 _0001-650 Publication: Ink and Watercolor Lilies, Owen Wister Riview 2015 _0002-shadowed-875
Publication: Rafting and Stairwell, Owen Wister Riview 2015 _0003-875


From early June to late October, I will participate a group show, titled Crowded by Beauty, in McGuire Real Estate Office Gallery, Berkeley.

One Fine Day / 美好的一天 / Ein schöner Tag Forest Within /  内置森林 / Innerhalb Wald
Net / 網 / Netz Birches / 樺樹 / Birken

Below is information from the announcement by McGuire Real Estate:

Art Reception
Thursday, June 16th, 2016
6:00 - 8:00 pm

2991 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705

McGuire Real Estate is pleased to announce Crowded by Beauty, a group exhibition of outstanding local artists showcasing pieces by Philip Hall, Matthew Felix Sun, Camila Valdez, Jill McLennan, Deborah Schilling, Sarah Whitecotton, Judy Wiener and Susan Erickson. These artists work in a multitude of mediums: sculpture, acrylics, ceramics, watercolor, oil and photography.

We welcome you to visit us at our office gallery and view this wonderful collection of art! The show will run through the end of October 2016.

Please RSVP for yourself and guests by June 14th.
510.883.7000 or
An evening of art, wine, and food

Minotaur / 牛頭怪 / Minotaur

Currently, my "Minotaur" is being shown at Expressions Gallery in Berkeley, as part of the "Life with Pets and Animals" group show (April 30th - July 15th).


Finally, here are a few of my new works, as I continue to explore patterns, tonal variations and spatial relationships of my subjects:
The March of Time / 時光的流逝 / Der Lauf der Zeit Apprehend - 恇恇 - Festnehmen
Trot / 小跑 / Trab Three / 三 / Drei

My full C.V. (14 April 2016) can be seen on ArtSlant or download from PDF.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Preview of the Newly Expanded SFMOMA

IMG_5328 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

Yesterday, as a member of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), I joined a big crowd for a preview of the newly expanded seven-story building, chiefly to accommodate the vast and important Doris and Donald Fisher Collection.

Behind the existing brick-colored and black and white tiled facade, a taller wing like a white ship was added, like a backdrop, or a enveloping protective hull.

IMG_5326 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016 IMG_5379 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

DSCN2015 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

IMG_5349 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

Some of the best feature of the older building was preserved, such as the signature black-gray tiles, transparent gangway; the changed main entrance staircase was a major failure - either inviting or comforting, nor flashing or grant, and had been aptly compared to IKEA.

IMG_5333 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

DSCN2140 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

IMG_5363 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

New wing was definitely airier and even spiritual; the old wing became decidedly cramped and old, by contrast.

DSCN2037 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016 DSCN2122 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016 IMG_5354 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

I was glad to encounter some of my favorites, such as this lovely portrait by Max Beckmann and some Paul Klee:

DSCN2124 - Frau bei der Toilette mit roten und weissen Lilien , Max Beckmann, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Frau bei der Toilette mit roten und weissen Lilien , Max Beckmann

DSCN2129 - Blüten in der Nacht (Blossoms in the Night), Paul Klee, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Blüten in der Nacht (Blossoms in the Night), Paul Klee

A very familiar sculpture, Sequence, by Richard Serra, seen on Stanford Campus for many years, in the open air, reflecting changes of time and lighting, was on display in an indoor setting, which was still great to view, but robbed if some of the magic:

DSCN2141 - Sequence, Richard Serra, SSFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Sequence, Richard Serra

DSCN2144 - Sequence, Richard Serra, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

Then, in both old and new wings, which sprawled like a labyrinth, I encountered many interesting works, some of them had been featured in a special exhibit to introduce the Fisher Collection.

DSCN2012 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

DSCN2007 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016 IMG_5341 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

DSCN2026 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

IMG_5353 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

DSCN2030 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

DSCN2032 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016 DSCN2033 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

DSCN2109 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016

The best two rooms were the great Anselm Kiefer works collected by the Fishers, monumental, profound and deeply moving:

DSCN2096 - Anselm Kiefer, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Works by Anselm Kiefer

DSCN2043 - Der Rhein, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Der Rhein, Anselm Kiefer

DSCN2044 - Wege der Weltweisheit die Hermannsschlacht (Ways of Worldly Wisdom Arminius's Battle), Anselm Kiefer,  SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Wege der Weltweisheit die Hermannsschlacht (Ways of Worldly Wisdom Arminius's Battle), Anselm Kiefer

DSCN2046 - Unternehmen Seelöwe (Operation Sea Lion), Anselm Kiefer, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Unternehmen Seelöwe (Operation Sea Lion), Anselm Kiefer

DSCN2095 - Unternehmen Seelöwe (Operation Sea Lion) (detail), Anselm Kiefer, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Unternehmen Seelöwe (detail), Anselm Kiefer

DSCN2041 - Margarethe, Anselm Kiefer, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Margarethe, Anselm Kiefer

IMG_5356 - SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Rooms of Anselm Kiefer

Other my favorites included these works below by Georg Baselit, George Condo, William Kentridge, Brice Marden, Gerhard Richter, Shirin Neshat, sand Cy Twombly:

DSCN2054 - Der Falke, Georg Baselitz, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Der Falke, Georg Baselit

DSCN2056 - Elke im Lehnstuhl, Georg Baselitz, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Elke im Lehnstuhl, Georg Baselitz

DSCN2106 - Dancing Figures, George Condo, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Dancing Figures, George Condo

DSCN2061 - Abstraktes Bild (Abstract Picture), Gerhard Richter, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Abstraktes Bild (Abstract Picture), Gerhard Richter

DSCN2075 - Drawings from Preparing the Flute (Bird Catcher), William Kentridge, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Drawings from Preparing the Flute (Bird Catcher), William Kentridge

Design for "Die Zauberflöte" by William Kentridge, SFMOMA Re opening Preview 7May2016

Passage, 2001, by Shirin Neshat, Fisher Collection, SFMOMA, August 2010

DSCN2112 - Cold Mountain 6 (Bridge), Brice Marden, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Cold Mountain 6 (Bridge), Brice Marden

DSCN2116 - UNtitled, Cy Twombly, SFMOMA Re-opening Preview 7May2016
Untitled, Cy Twombly

A wonderful opening.  Congratulations, SFMOMA!

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