Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Favorite Artworks at Duomo, Padova (Padua), Italy

The Duomo in Padova (Padua), Italy, was a solemn and imposing mass, well prepared visitors for a moving niche showcasing a glowing painting of Madonna and the Child, done in a typical Renaissance manner.  The bright red background of the painting, contrasting strongly the dark contour of the figures, practically glowed.

DSCN0986 _ Duomo, Padova, 12 October

The interior actually was mostly airy, such as this wonderful chapel featuring a marble sculptural shrine, all in pale colors save its base — a burial chamber, hosting the relic or remain of perhaps a certain bishop, which glowed with red and gold.  Strange and unforgettable.

 DSCN0990 _ Duomo, Padova, 12 October

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