Monday, June 6, 2016

My Favorite Artworks at Palazzo della Ragione, Padova (Padua), Italy

DSCN0808 _ Palazzo della Ragione, Padova, 12 October

The gracefully proportioned Palazzo della Ragione in Padova (Padua), Italy, was a unique building, which was not only enormous in dimensions, but functions uniquely as a market place in its lower level, and a civic center on the top tier.

The most outlandish thing, and my favorite, was a huge wooden horse, basked in blue light (or was it painted blue?). According to,
"the big wooden horse kept in Palazzo della Ragione was ordered by Annibale Capodilista in 1466: it was one of the big machines - and the only one that has survived - made for an extraordinary celebration that was organized in Padua, in the squares Piazza dei Signori and Piazza del Capitanio. The parade saw the participation of all the people in town, and of more people who had been attracted to town for this exceptional event." [Source:]
Apparently, Padova artists and civic leaders were the vanguard of flashy blockbuster installations almost mandated in today's art markets.  Cynicism aside, the horse was indeed eye-catching and exhilarating.

DSCN0854 _ Palazzo della Ragione, Padova, 12 October

DSCN0856 _ Palazzo della Ragione, Padova, 12 October

On the four walls of this gigantic hall, surrounding and contrasting the blue horse, were a series of marvelous allegorical frescoes, all in wonderfully aged colors, subtle and harmonious.  Collectively, they were my second favorite there.

DSCN0848 _ Palazzo della Ragione, Padova, 12 October

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