Saturday, September 18, 2010

Central Park, New York City

Central Park _ 7295

Central Park in New York City, in my imagination, was a dangerous and filthy ground, therefore I avoided it in my previous trip there. However, I felt that the reputation of the Park had improved enough therefore I explored it between my trips to the Guggenheim Museum and The Frick Collection.

Central Park, a vast urban park, turned out to be a jewel of Manhattan. It was clean, becoming and welcoming. I enjoyed the view of the lake and its breeze greatly. There were abundant families and lovers by the shore and many lovely birds and squirrels as well.

Under a beautiful and ornate pathway, several musician entertained the pleasure seekers and the real birds competed charm with reliefs. What a treasure!

Central Park _ 7294

Central Park _ 7317

Central Park _ 7304

Central Park _ 7297

Central Park _ 7299

Central Park _ 7298

Central Park _ 7300

Central Park _ 7296

Central Park _ 7301

Central Park _ 7316

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