Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Chinese People's Daily Reported on Libya Crisis

The crisis in Libya have not generated much media coverage in China, for reasons one can only speculate.  Whatever little coverage on Chinese Communist Party's Official Throat and Tongue (Mouthpiece) - The People's Daily, the focus was squarely on the heroic feat Chinese government accomplished to evacuate its trapped citizens in Libya.

A typical store is 5 March story - Chinese Evacuation Efforts Inspired Fervent Patriotism (中国撤离行动激发强烈爱国热情).

The article made a incredible read and I will include the original after my translation:
On the occasion of triumphant accomplishment of evacuating 35,860 Chinese citizens from Libya, "People's Daily" on March 3rd published a long headline story "Save every compatriot's life -- a documentation of the action of evacuating Chinese citizens from Libya under the fortitude leadership of the Chinese (Communist) Party Central Committee and the State Council."  This report gave rise to intense reactions, and inspired the fervent patriotic enthusiasm in readers.

Many readers called or left messages online, claimed one after another, that the evacuation act demonstrated the philosophy of Chinese (Communist) Party and government -- "people first and governing for the people", and the country's (China's) development and stability was the solid foundation for this evacuation, and (we) must cherish and firmly seize the opportunities of important strategic development.



The evening of 3 March 2011, in the Jordanian capital International Airport, departing Chinese workers waved national flags.
Photo: Xinhua News Agency

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