Friday, January 27, 2012

A Portrait - First Painting Completed in 2012

My first completed painting this year is a dark portrait with a nightmarish atmosphere. I have been working on this canvas on and off for years, and declared it completed several times, yet every time, soon after, I felt dissatisfaction about it and scolded myself for giving myself an easy pass. 

Once more, motivated to correct my "wrong", I took up the challenge to made this painting work.  I kept the overall theme of the desire to ascend and motif of ladder(s) and flaming tree.  I wanted to present a frustrated desire which was deeply spiritual.

The new element I introduced to this latest reincarnation is a dominant portrait, which was a relic of an icon painting, or the memory of mine of such work, pious, suffering yet otherworldly, and a bit self-pitying and oblivious to surroundings, perhaps a tad narcissistic. 

Lastly, several boldly drawn lines dissected the face of this sufferer and I'll leave that to my viewers to interpret them freely.


Matthew Felix Sun's Paintings Completed in 2012 by Matthew Felix Sun photoset

Matthew Felix Sun's Portrait - 肖像 - Porträt photoset

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