Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sad Day for Art Lovers in San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Fishers give up on plan for Presidio art museum. What a sad day it is for art lovers in San Francisco Bay Area!

I was never enamored with the Presidio location for an art museum, because of the accessibility issues. It is very hard to get there, not only for people from East Bay, but for the San Franciscans as well. When I lived in North Beach, I found it very difficult to get to the Fine Art Museum of Legion of Honor. Presidio location is just as cumbersome. However, I would rather prefer a wonderful museum in a difficult location to not to have it at all.

I do hope that the Fishers will not abandon this noble attempt. They should also look beyond park locations and cast eyes on urban settings. One can argue that the convenient locations of San Francisco Modern Art Museum and Asian Art Museum contributed greatly to their successes. Locations in Downtown Oakland and Berkeley, near BART stations should be considered seriously.

If eventually the Fishers decide not to proceed at all, today would be a truly sad day for us.

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